Tuesday, January 31, 2006


R.I.P. Air America Phoenix

KXXT-Phoenix has been sold and tomorrow is expected to be the last day that listeners will be forced to ignore 1010. This has liberals going nuts.


I'm very concerned that this is the latest tactic of the radical rightwing mo-fo's. I am thinking that Air America is SO successful that instead of allowing the "free speech" to continue on, there is a big push to buy out the stations that Air America belongs to, thus putting a big FAT muzzle on free speech.

That's right. It's a right-wing conspiracy.

To be honest, I'm really pissed off at this beligerant behavior from the radicals. To think that they can't even handle a FRACTION of the AM airwaves to the liberal side...it just makes me sick. Of course, it's also a sign to all of us that Air America Radio is HUGE and it's making a difference in our favor...so much so that the rightie muthafuckas can't handle it. If it didn't piss me off so much that I'm not gonna be able to get it on my radio, I'd be happy to know that much! :-(

Let's define "HUGE." KXXT's highest rating as Air America was a 1.5, it currently has a 1.2. The Valley's lowest rated conservative radio station, KKNT, is at a 1.3. The Limbaugh led KFYI, the valley's top rated talk station, currently has a 5.0. KTAR who is more news oriented, but still carries Tony Snow, is currently rated 3.5. So, the three stations with conservative leanings have a 9.9 collectively. Compare that to KXXT's 1.2 and you have to wonder, "how can it be described as huge?"

Air America was the great hope of liberals everywhere. The fact that Kos is writting about a station in Phoenix being sold is perfect evidence of this fact. With Rush and Hannity on well over 500 stations each, It doesn't make a large dent when a station is sold or a format changed, and it definitely wouldn't garner the ire of a popular right-wing blogger. But this was all the hope they had left.

Their life was but a small flash in the pan, but their demise is a sign of the times. Stick around, the impact of the new right is going to be "HUGE."


Notes--KXXT, KXEG, and WLJV were sold by James Crystal Radio Group to Communicom Broadcasting through John Pierce & Company, a media brokererage firm, for $20,000,000.

Luke Duke 1/31/2006 07:25:00 PM #

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Free FM

KZON-Phoenix, an Infinity owned radio station that used to rely on Howard Stern for it's ratings, has now been on the air as "Free FM" since January 4th of this year. The format is hot talk during the day and rock music during the nights and weekends. After hearing the new format for a couple of weeks...

...I need Sirius stock.

Luke Duke 1/19/2006 09:48:00 PM #

#19 Elias Bermudez

Perhaps Elias Bermudez belongs on a list of people who are trying to screw up Arizona, but I'm not compiling that list so I'll go ahead and give him more credit than he deserves. As the president of Immigrants Without Borders, and executive director of Centro de Ayuda, Elias Bermudez has made a career of accomplishing nothing. He accomplishes this nothingness through the staging of failed boycotts and ignored protests. To say that he is a rabble rouser would be a gross over exaggeration of his capabilities as a leader.

Most recently Mr. Bermudez raised $50,000, most of it donated by the illegal immigrants he claims to be helping, in order to stage a concert to spread the idea of legalizing the status of millions of illegal immigrants. The concert was then "postponed" because Bermudez couldn't compete with donations going towards Hurricane Katrina victims. Although $50,000 was raised, only $10,000 remains in the organizations bank account. Why? Because Bermudez needed to launch a $12,000 ad campaign for his radio program, which costs him $1,000 dollars a week in airtime. The other $20,000 raised was actually borrowed money which Bermudez had to repay.

After a closed-door discussion as to whether Arizona DPS should help with the enforcement of immigration laws, Elias showed up on the capital steps with a small army--a very small army. In fact, he showed up with 20 people. So, 855,178 voters pass Prop. 200 in order to send a message to the state that we are serious about immigration, and 20 people show up to the capital in protest of enforcing the immigration laws. I hope the Governess and the legislature get the message.

I'm not against immigration--I'm against criminals. As far as I concerned Elias Bermudez is a criminal. When you take money from the poor in order to fund your narcissistic ventures into pay-for-play radio, when you support policies that would undermine the security of our country and our state, not only are you a criminal, but you secure your spot as #19 on Puzzlestud's list of the 20 people who are screwing up Arizona.

Luke Duke 1/19/2006 09:40:00 PM #

#18 Liberal Talk Radio

First came the mainstream liberal media. Then came Rush Limbaugh and the conservative movement on the AM dial. Now America, and Arizona, is trying it's best to ignore a new era in media--liberal radio--two words that should never go together.Liberal radio just sounds wrong from the beginning. It's like Christian Hip-Hop or tofu hot dogs.

Comparing Air America Phoenix, KXXT(ranked 22nd in ratings), to News Talk 550, KFYI(ranked #1), you can hear the difference right away. It's in the production value. It's in the attitude. Air America's promos preach to conservatives, not within a show, but in actual station promos and ID's. Meanwhile KFYI's promos do just what the name implies, they promote.

I recently listened-in to a weekend show hosted by Rev. Dr. Walter F. Wieder. One of the listeners called in to say that they didn't believe in Christmas of the existence of Christ, but not two sentences later he shared his belief that George W. Bush may be the anti-Christ. Beyond the obvious fact that you can't have the anti-Christ without Christ, his statements are absurd. Yet the very open-minded reverend, who earlier compared quotes from Bush and Hitler, said nothing. He thanked the caller and treated him as if he had just shared a sane thought that needed to be dealt with in a serious manner, after some very deep reflection. As long as hosts give these mental patients a forum for their delusions instead of giving serious thinkers and opportunity for debate, they will stay what they are; losers.

One last interesting bit of information; They outsource their news and traffic to Metro Networks.

Luke Duke 1/19/2006 09:40:00 PM #
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