Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I've always liked Greg Patterson from Plugged In. That is until I read his bio and saw who his favorite columnists were.

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Sunday, March 06, 2005


Taking a page out of Hillary's book, Arizona's governor, the honorable Janet Napolitano, is making a b-line towards the center of the political spectrum in hopes of being reelected by her red state constituency. This may be smart politics, but it's also see-thru politics(I never thought I would use the words "Janet Napolitano" and "see-thru" together in such short succession).

I caught my first glimpse of Napolitano's rightward lean last week when I heard she was signing on to an Amicus brief being filed by conservative lobbyist group Center for AZ Policy(copy of brief on AZ Policy homepage) in the Colorado Ten Commandments case. It was fishy, but maybe I'm just too skeptical. Maybe Governor Napolitano really does believe in the right to display religious articles on state land.

Then, what do I see in big bold letters on Governor Taking Right Turn?

Napolitano is gearing up for re-election in a state where the gap between Republicans and Democrats now stands at 148,000 voters. The Republican romp in the 2004 election turned the Arizona House and Senate into conservative strongholds. Some in Arizona are asking if the governor is turning into a Republican - or is it just smart politics?

I want to know who this "some in Arizona" author Chip Scutari is referring to. Are there really people who think Janet "drivers licenses for illegals" "veto informed consent" "homosexuals as a protected class" Napolitano is turning into a Republican?

My favorite excerpt in the article:

Like a Republican predecessor, Napolitano is wielding a big stick on illegal immigration, demanding that the White House pay for the thousands of undocumented immigrants who take up space in Arizona prisons.

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I'm driving home from my girlfriend's house last night and as usual there's nothing good on the FM side of the radio dial. So, I turn on Art Bell and to my surprise, Art is actually refuting conspiracy theories for once. The subject; 9/11 theories. The guest; Ben Chertoff of Popular Mechanics.

It was a very compelling show. Mr. Chertoff's arguments were filled with something that the left seems to be lacking of late; facts. Unfortunately, Art didn't have time to take too many callers. It's a shame, because Coast to coast truly has the most interesting callers on the radio--it's a strange mix between rocket scientists and meth-heads from Apache Junction. I hope Mr. Chertoff is invited back soon.

The article is a must read for anyone who believed Farenheight 9/11, is on's mailing list, or voted for Howard Dean in the Democratic primary. I doubt Popular Mechanics' findings will have any effect on the left's rhetoric or the conspiracy theorists' paranoia, seeing as neither have much use for the truth(it will probably be found later that one of the over 300 people who contributed to the research for this article have at one time voted for a republican; the story will then be declared propaganda by the mainstream news media[who could have done this story but were probably afraid of what they wouldn't find]), but it should clear up any doubts that sane people may have had about what happened that tragic day.

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