Friday, April 30, 2004


Okay people. Which one of you stumbled across this site by searching for "joe dante rape porno?"

Luke Duke 4/30/2004 05:25:00 PM #

So, terrorism is at it's lowest since 1969. What happened to stirring the hornet's nest? Add that to the list of illegitimate reasons to oppose the war, put it right under the blood for oil crap. At this rate, by this time next year the only anti-war stance left will be "you're all just meanies."

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Thursday, April 29, 2004


Anyone who is familiar with The Arizona Republic probably has already heard of Ricardo O. Pimental, the most intellectually dishonest, one-dimensional writer on their staff. He constantly amazes me with his rhetorical acrobatics--which often have him falling flat on his fade--and he doesn't disappoint today.

A 1979 pastoral letter from the U.S. Catholic bishops noted the "relationship between racial and economic justice." It mentioned "an unresolved racism that permeates our society's structures and resides in the hearts of many among the majority."

Has the church withheld communion from racists?

It is ridiculous how Pimental can bring race into every issue. I'm sure the church would withhold communion from David Duke, but Pimental's definition of racist includes anyone who has any sort of opposition to immigration, legal or illegal. In fact, if you call a Mexican drug dealer a criminal, you're a racist. If you are white you are racist. If you are a minority, but a republican, you are racist. If you read are definitely a racist. If you don't follow the Aztlan calendar, If you drive a pick-up, if you don't stand on the border with water and hors d'oeuvres for illegal crossers, if you say you're not a racist, If you live in America and are not Ricardo O. Pimental, it is proven you are a racist. This guy doesn't have a race card, he has a trick-deck full of them.

Deep breath. Exhale.

In a 2001 statement, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, chairman at the time of the Bishops' Committee on Migration, said, "As a nation, we must no longer tolerate nor accept the deaths of migrants along our southern border." He advocated broad immigration reform, including amnesty.

Near as I can tell, politicians who oppose reform as the church defines it can still receive communion without first confessing the sin of abetting loss of life.

There is a small difference between the head of a committee making the nebulous suggestion of "broad immigration reform," and an issue that is at the heart of the faith and has been condemned by every pope who has taken the issue up.

Read the whole article.

SIDE NOTE: My spell-checker doesn't recognize the word Aztlan--RACIST!

Luke Duke 4/29/2004 05:44:00 PM #

The Real News

Do you ever read the newspaper and think to yourself, "There just isn't enough white trash in these stories"? Well has got the answer--the Buzz section. I read it everyday, and with headlines like these who wouldn't?

-Man burns mobile home so wife wouldn't get it
-Woman who used oral-sex defense acquitted
-Texas sinkhole is 900 feet across - and growing
-One punch was all it took to kill bar patron
-Divorcees who met at optimist club tie the knot
-Imbedded chip helps cat, owner reunite after 7 years
-Strip clubs fight to stop topless tax taking effect
-Governor gives makeover to put-on-hold music
-Dress-wearing ex-husband a hit on eBay
-Extreme makeover for sheep
-Man defends family dog, takes blame for biting man
-Teen aims to sever ties with dad, who killed mom
-Cops sued over photographing tattooed buttocks
-Chair for inmates who go 'psycho': $1,300
-Clothing store scores huge with big thongs
-Kangaroo gets valor award for rescuing farmer
-Alligator feeders risk limbs, $500 fine and jail too
-15-year-old boy fights off 400-pound bear
-Owners' recorded voices lure crash-surviving dog
-Project aims to lessen force of cows' burps
-Fake heiress got $2.1 million refund, IRS says
-Dog tears apart foot stool, finds shredded cash
-Beef eaters on low-carb diet booted from buffet
-Bill would fine those who wear low-rise jeans
-Fart-absorbing undies for dogs include thongs

This is not like The Onion. The headlines are real. The stories are real. Real journalists spent their time covering these stories. All I know is, If your not reading it, you know nothing.

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Greasest Country on God's GREEN Earth

Is it just me or does Michael Medved look stoned out of his mind in this picture with Mitch and Elder?

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Wednesday, April 28, 2004


Liberal Insanity Hearing

Michael Medved today proposed a "liberal insanity hearing." Wouldn't that be something? Try finding an impartial jury for that one. But the idea intrigues me. I think that liberals have gone insane, and I will now present a fraction of the abundant evidence available to support my claim.

1. Most followers of politics already knows about Kos and Michael Moore. No more to say about them.

2. Liberals have bastardized their own title. They now not only enable criminals, but support them. Take for example this excerpt from an article appearing on

As a teenager flees from "justice," be happy for him. If you see him, leave your cell phone in your pocket. I don't know what he was accused of, but I'm sure it's not worth shooting him over.

This morning, a friend called to tell me of something he saw on the corporate media. He's not usually in the habit of sharing this stuff with me, but he thought I would like to hear about the "teenage fugitive." He went on to describe a story that made me smile. A picture of a teenager apparently flashed across the screen while the reporter explained that, although handcuffed and in leg irons, the teen managed to break away from the flailing arms of the law, dart across the street, and leap into a waiting car that then sped away. Man, that IS a story.

Anyway, the reporter went on to describe the car, and then to urge the audience to call the police if they should spot either the car or the teen. My friend laughed at that part too.

I'm happy to hear about the creative teen, but I'm left questioning -- again -- why the corporate media urges us to call the police on each other? When did they receive their mandate to become the friendly arm of the law? Why do we allow the police state to set up their bases in our own living rooms? Could they be more blatant?

The ironic thing in this article is that it encourages fleeing police because police may shoot you. Obviously(to a sane person) if you violently struggle with or flee from police you are more likely to get shot. Ever seen those wild police chase videos? Those are innocent people being smashed into while some criminal who lacks the fortitude and responsibility to face the facts of their actions runs in a cowardice induced frenzy. But who needs responsibility? Certainly not liberals...

3. The New York Times is reporting that protesting liberals are planning to infiltrate the upcoming Republican National Convention by signing up as volunteer staffers at the event. What comes next is surely more of the same "blood for oil" and "Bush=Hitler" protests that have sullied our TV screens and web browsers so many times before.

4. Rallies and concerts such as those staged on the "Punk Voter Tour" promote such Ideas as "overthrow the Government" and "overthrow corporations." While that in itself is scary, it also is insane. They scream, literally, about creating more jobs then yell to overthrow corporations. They want to overthrow the government, but at the same time they support a candidate, John Kerry, who wants to feed the government with higher taxes. These dangerous concerts are attended by your kids. If not, they are attended by some of your kid's friends. If not, they are put on by some of the people your kids look up to. These are not the John lennons of our time, these are angry, hate-spewing anarchists who espouse hypocrisy and contradictions with every eardrum-blasting lyric and rage-inspired speech. Their rights to free speech should not be taken away, but they should be fought. And surely they should not be funded by public universities.

These examples are small yet important. There are hundreds if not thousands where these came from. As easy as it is to pretend that it is just the fringe who believe this way, that is no longer the case. From editorials in major newspapers, to celebrities, to foreign influences who arrogantly believe they know what is better for the US than the US does, there is a huge movement within the Democratic party that is completely and utterly nuts. Right now's book, "50 Ways to Love Your Country", is sitting on top of's best-seller list. made national news recently for, among other things, displaying a commercial on it's website comparing Bush to Adolph Hitler. #1 on Amazon. Not exactly fringe is it?

Know who you are supporting, and know who is representing you.

Luke Duke 4/28/2004 03:01:00 PM #

Kinda makes you wonder who's putting up the money. Michael Moore maybe? (I know I shouldn't be insinuating that Michael Moore is funding terrorism, even in jest, but just remember this is the ass hole who calls Iraqi insurgents the revolution.)

On a side note: Just looking over the "Mike's Messages" portion of Moore's website you see not only what an idiot he is, but you will also see how downright wrong he is most of the time. For example:

I have decided to cast my vote in the primary for Wesley Clark. That's right, a peacenik is voting for a general. What a country!

I believe that Wesley Clark will end this war. He will make the rich pay their fair share of taxes. He will stand up for the rights of women, African Americans, and the working people of this country.

And he will cream George W. Bush.

Clark couldn't even cream Dean. And Dean couldn't even pretend to be sane for just a few more months. And now their latest great hope is self-destructing. How will it look if they have to go to their third-string?

I'll tell you how it'll look. Vicious. It will expose democrats to the public as un-loyal and callous. It will show the country that they stand for nothing, all they want is the White House back. It's a popularity contest with our lives hanging in the balance.

Luke Duke 4/28/2004 11:02:00 AM #

Tuesday, April 27, 2004


I don't often delve into pop-culture here on Puzzlestud, but I've been thinking a lot lately about hip-hop and what is says about/does to our society. I grew up in a diverse environment--racially, culturally, and musically. My appetite was fed with everything from Michael Jackson and Kool & the Gang, to KC and the Sunshine Band and Tupac. Hip-hop has always been my particular favorite.

This is what makes my feelings on hip-hop a little confusing. I love hip-hop. In fact I used to produce a local Phoenix hip-hop group. But that doesn't change the fact that for the most part hip-hop is a cancer on our society. It demonizes normality, it objectifies both men and women, and--in my opinion--keeps black culture from fulfilling it's enormous potential. The aggregate result of hip-hop is bad for our culture, the bad just outweighs the good.

It's hard for me to say this. Because while I don't enjoy most of the hip-hop played on the radio, I do still love it. I love the violent hip-hop. I love braggadocious battles, I can't help it. Most people in my position would probably say, "I listen to gangster rap and I haven't killed anyone or treated any girls like pieces of trash," but I can't do that. Music won't make you kill someone, but it can change your opinion. It can fuel disrespect towards police. Disrespect towards parents. Disrespect towards any authority.

I know these are all arguments most people have heard before. My love/hate relationship with rap music isn't the point of this post. I intend to share some rappers who have the capabilities and talent to change hip-hop and make it a more positive voice in the future. These aren't Will Smiths. They are real rappers who still brag, still talk about women, and are still popular, but I think they are the best of the worst and are no worse than most rock bands. When they're at their best their words can inspire. In a world where most claim to be reformed crack dealers, these rappers do their best to paint an accurate picture of the streets and are introspective enough to dissect their own complex feelings in song form.

First and foremost is Chicago rapper/producer Kanye West. His lyrics stretch to cover everything from black culture to drugs to education to Jesus. His debut album, College Dropout is available in stores now.

All Falls Down:

It seems we living the American dream
But the people highest up got the lowest self esteem
The prettiest people do the ugliest things
For the road to riches and diamond rings

I'll Fly away:

Some glad morning when this life is over,
I'll fly away.
To a home on God's celestial shore,
I'll fly away.

I'll fly away, O Glory,
I'll fly away.
When I die, Hallelujah, bye and bye,
I'll fly away.

When the shadows of this life have flown,
I'll fly away.
Like a bird thrown, driven by the storm,
I'll fly away.

I'll fly away, O Glory,
I'll fly away.
When I die, Hallelujah, bye and bye,
I'll fly away.

Just a few more weary days and then,
I'll fly away.
To a land where joy shall never end,
I'll fly away.

I'll fly away, O Glory,
I'll fly away.
When I die, Hallelujah, bye and bye,
I'll fly away.

Jesus Walks:

We at war with terrorism, racism but most of all we at war with ourselves
(Jesus Walks)
God show me the way because the Devil trying to break me down
(Jesus Walks with me) with me with me with me

(Jesus Walks)
God show me the way because the Devil trying to break me down
(Jesus Walks with me)
The only thing that I pray is that me feet don't fail me now
(Jesus Walks)
And I don't think there is nothing I can do now to right my wrongs
(Jesus Walks with me)
I want to talk to God but I'm afraid because we ain't spoke in so long

I ain't here to argue about his facial features
Or here to convert atheists into believers
I'm just trying to say the way school need teachers
The way Kathie Lee needed Regis that's the way ya'll need Jesus
So here go my single dog radio needs this
They say you can rap about anything except for Jesus
That means guns, sex, lies, video tapes
But if I talk about God my record won't get played Huh?
Well let this take away from my spins
Which will probably take away from my ends
Then I hope this take away from my sins
And bring the day that I'm dreaming about
Next time I'm in the club everybody screaming out

(Jesus Walks)
God show me the way because the devil trying to break me down
(Jesus Walks)
The only thing that I pray is that me feet don't fail me now

To be continued...

Luke Duke 4/27/2004 03:52:00 PM #

"CNN only airs what they want you to see. I finally told my mom to stop watching, because it wasn't true."

- Bryan Neice, Army specialist of the 51st Airborne Signal Battalion in Iraq

(hat-tip to Plugged In)

Luke Duke 4/27/2004 01:47:00 PM #

So it's that time again. Time for a little shock and awe. Glued to the TV, watching blasts from tanks and jets light the infared-green images of the Iraqi sky, it brings back the same knot that grew in my stomach last year. A knot of fear and apprehension--tension not much eased by the knowledge that this is what must be done. Battle is a scary thing.

I wish all American troops a safe return from Fallujah. I wish anyone who raises a gun against an American soldier a trip home in a casket.

While our soldiers are storming Fallujah today, and the body count increases, I hope Americans remember what is at stake.

Luke Duke 4/27/2004 12:26:00 PM #

Monday, April 26, 2004


It's really getting sad to see Kerry try to wiggle his way out of his flip-flops.

He served. Honorably? Who cares? He served none-the-less. But he is a liar. He is a liar on all levels. I now it, you know it, Charlie Gibson knows it. Being a soldier is not a requirement for becoming president, but honesty should be.

I don't want to see his records, I don't care whether his purple hearts were deserved. What I want to see are his lies confronted. If we give him the rope, he will hang himself. So step off the attacks, and lets take him to task on things that actually matter.

Luke Duke 4/26/2004 12:14:00 PM #

Friday, April 23, 2004


Here it is, by far the best editorial I have read in the State Press, and one of the best I'vce read in a long while.

Eric Spratling:

Right now, as I type this and as you read this, American soldiers are being shot at and dying. The men who fire bullets and rocks and grenades at them are men who see the void in power left by Saddam Hussein's absence as an opportunity to set up a new state in which the fundamentalist Islamic Sharia law (long story, but let's just say that Sharia is no fun, especially for women) can be established permanently and thug-o-cratic dictatorship can rule the day once again in Iraq.

Hopefully you already more or less knew that. What you may not be familiar with is the way some of our pundits at home have reacted to the carnage.

A few weeks ago, the highly popular liberal blogger Kos (aka Markos Zuniga of the "Daily Kos"), took to the Internet to comment on the horrific mutilation and death of four American contractors in the city of Fallujah, Iraq. What wisdom did this much-touted sage have to say about the deaths of innocent Americans?

"I feel nothing over the death of mercenaries [sic]. They aren't in Iraq because of orders, or because they are there trying to help the people make Iraq a better place. They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them."

Kos was, thankfully, raked over the coals for his statements, not just by outraged conservatives and moderates, but also by some of his fellow liberals. He even lost his spot on the links section of John Kerry's site (although links to crazed, conspiracy theory sites like the Democratic Underground still appear). Kos responded by giving an apology that wasn't much of an apology then proceeded to claim that he was being persecuted by a bunch of right-wing hate sites who were audacious enough to quote his own damning words against him. Through it all, he continually referred to civilian contractors as "mercenaries," people who apparently deserved death for the high crime of working for a company that takes money from the government to go and repair a country ravaged by decades of war and dictatorship.

But Kos was a warm-up compared to what America heard from our most premiere fifth columnist, Michael Moore. Last Wednesday, a page appeared on the "Mike's Messages" section of his Web site,

Moore says, "The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not 'insurgents' or 'terrorists' or 'The Enemy.' They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow - and they will win."

If you thought that it couldn't get any lower than deliberately comparing America's founding fathers with the likes of Moqtada al-Sadr, you'd be wrong because Moore continues: "I'm sorry, but the majority of Americans supported this war once it began and, sadly, that majority must now sacrifice their children until enough blood has been let that maybe - just maybe - God and the Iraqi people will forgive us in the end."

Take these words of Michael Moore and Markos Zuniga (or any of countless threads on, the Democratic Underground), and see how they compare to the most recent audiotape allegedly from Osama bin Laden; you'll find the rhetorical gap between them to be shockingly small.

It's not a large roundup by any means, but take a good, long look anyway. Kos' Web site still remains highly popular, and leftists around the world line Moore's pockets when they see his films and buy his books. Honest liberals need to ask themselves: Is this what we want? Are these our leaders?

Pick a side fast, because like I said: people are dying

I'm sure Eric Spratling has a great future in front of him, but if he wants that future to be at The Arizona Republic he better make sure they don't read this.

Luke Duke 4/23/2004 05:56:00 PM #

The Ranger Creed:

Recognizing that I volunteered as a Ranger, fully knowing the hazards of my chosen profession, I will always endeavor to uphold the prestige, honor, and high esprit de corps of the Rangers.

Acknowledging the fact that a Ranger is a more elite soldier who arrives at the cutting edge of battle by land, sea, or air, I accept the fact that as a Ranger my country expects me to move further, faster, and fight harder than any other soldier.

Never shall I fail my comrades I will always keep myself mentally alert, physically strong, and morally straight and I will shoulder more than my share of the task whatever it may be, one hundred percent and then some.

Gallantly will I show the world that I am a specially selected and well trained soldier. My courtesy to superior officers, neatness of dress, and care of equipment shall set the example for others to follow.

Energetically will I meet the enemies of my country. I shall defeat them on the field of battle for I am better trained and will fight with all my might. Surrender is not a Ranger word. I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy and under no circumstances will I ever embarrass my country.

Readily will I display the intestinal fortitude required to fight on to the Ranger objective and complete the mission, though I be the lone survivor.

Luke Duke 4/23/2004 04:20:00 PM #

R.I.P. Pat Tillman.

Luke Duke 4/23/2004 11:45:00 AM #

Thursday, April 22, 2004


Since I couldn't find any referance to it on their website, I thought I'd show you what is planning to help "take America back." Since the following e-mail refers often to "real Amrericans," I would like to know what a fake American is.

we're so excited about 50 for the Future -- a plan to raise $50 million from 500,000 of us to take back the White House, elect new progressive leaders, and prove forever that progressives are a force to be reckoned with.

$50 million sounds like a lot of money, and it is. But if we can get 500,000 people -- 1/4th of the MoveOn base -- to give $100 each between now and the election, we'll make it. The details are below; it's clearly the most ambitious thing we've ever attempted. But MoveOn's never set a fundraising goal we didn't meet, and if this election isn't a time to pull out all the stops, we don't know what is.

Would you join us by pledging to raise $1,000 from yourself, your friends, and your community before November 2nd? With about 200 days until the election, this would mean finding a way of raising around $5 a day until the election. We'll give you ideas -- from house parties to bake sales -- and provide you with tools and tips to help raise the dough.

Help get 50 for the Future rolling by pledging now at:

Here's how 50 for the Future breaks down:

-$10 million to support the biggest get-out-the-vote drive in American history. MoveOn members have already pledged over seven million hours of their time to help get out the vote and win back the White House. Now we're hiring staff in battleground states to help folks get involved in canvasses and other on-the-ground activities. We're partnering with America Coming Together, which is doing the largest and most systematic get-out-the-vote drive our country's ever seen, as well as other local groups. Together, we'll deliver hundreds of thousands of volunteer canvass days. And for folks outside of the battleground states, we're developing a phone-banking program through which MoveOn members across the country can make tens of millions of calls to swing-state voters.

-$20 million for advertisements to reach millions of voters in swing states -- ads that will cut through the spin and set the record straight. Through the Voter Fund, MoveOn members raised $10 million to run swing-state ads that challenged President Bush's policies and put him on the defensive. From polling, we know these ads made an enormous impact, demonstrating powerfully how harmful those policies have been for our country. President Bush is now fighting a defensive battle on the air in these states with vicious and sometimes just plain false attacks on John Kerry. $20 million will allow us to systematically confront President Bush with the truth. He can run, but he can't hide.

-$20 million to support candidates -- from state senators to John Kerry. We'll make direct contributions to candidates together to give them the resources they need to compete, and to remind them who they're working for. Over the next six months, we'll highlight progressive candidates for office, focusing especially on folks who are running in the key "battleground" states. It's a way of doubling the impact of our money: not only will we help good candidates get elected, but strong local grassroots campaigns in the battleground states will help turn out voters for Kerry as well. And we'll raise money for John Kerry, giving him the resources to articulate his vision for our country and take President Bush to task. This support will also remind our future President and future members of Congress that we helped put them there.
All this will help us win on November 2nd. But the Plan is also focused on November 3rd. On November 3rd, we'll have built a strong movement. We'll have helped to register millions of new voters. We'll have helped to elect fresh and exciting leaders to state and federal offices. And we'll have armed swing-state voters with a wealth of information about President Bush and his policies.

And one other thing: on November 3rd, we'll have changed American politics forever. To bring together $50 million directly from real Americans -- doing it without rubber-chicken dinners or high-donor cultivation programs -- is a transformative act. It'll demonstrate that politicians can't afford to ignore their constituents. It'll demonstrate that democracy can really work.

Luke Duke 4/22/2004 06:17:00 PM #

How is this for a lead in an editorial story?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio would remind us that no youngster locked up in his jail is being forced to dig graves. Each inmate participating in the sheriff's brand-new plan to have juvenile chain gang members bury indigents in a county cemetery is a volunteer. So is everyone else involved in the program. Except for those who matter most: the dead.

Seriously? How does this stuff get past an editor? Hey Elder, I would put E.J. Montinti up against Nick Coleman any day.

Back in March the sheriff told me, "I don't put (chain gangs) in the desert where nobody can see them, I put them on the main drags where the mothers driving by can say to their kids, 'Hey honey, you do something wrong, you're going to be on the chain gang wearing stripes.' "

Too bad that isn't the real lesson. Instead, the young criminals under Joe's tutelage are learning that if you are in a position of power it's OK to use people over whom you have complete control for your personal or professional advantage.

They're learning that the dead need not be treated with deference and respect, but can be transformed by the living into tools of publicity or political discourse.

It doesn't matter if some of those who will be buried at White Tanks led irresponsible, even criminal, lives. It doesn't matter that they were forgotten or abandoned. They're gone now and should be allowed to rest in peace. Those who would abuse them should not.

Look, I don't like Joe Arpaio, but Montini is grasping at straws here. The article is incoherent, biased beyond logic, and a stretch of even the most lax definition of journalism...the editorial board must have loved it. They probably carried Montini out of the office on their shoulders and threw a party in celebration of another victory over common sense. But who needs common sense anyways? USA Today and the New York Times have gotten along fine without it.

This is not a culture that promotes the give-and-take that sharpens and refines thought, the collegiality that magnifies the impact of resources, the spirit that shares rewards and ameliorates distress, out of which great journalism arises.

Luke Duke 4/22/2004 05:26:00 PM #

The National Review shows us what we don't see on the nightly news.

Some people will undoubtedly see the commercialization(which seems to be interchangeable with westernization) of Iraq as a bad thing, and maybe it's not the most desired effect of the war, but it is certainly a better way of life than was attainable under the rule of Saddam. Why is it that all we see from the mass media is death and destruction? If we are truly a society that values the lives of our soldiers, then why do we spend so much time on their deaths and ignore their life's work? I am disgusted when I pick up the Republic, or any paper for that matter, and see the ongoing tally of those killed in Iraq. That's all they are, just a number. Sometimes a face, sometimes a name, but nothing to show you that their life and death were not in vain.

Some people call our solders "mercenaries" because they are paid a salary. A caller to the Michael Medved show even said that we don't have a volunteer army because by definition volunteers aren't paid. Medved guessed that the guy was ignoring other definitions of the word and using the one that supported his claim. Well, I checked and Michael was right. While there are many definitions of the word volunteer, one of them very clearly says: Volunteer-A person who renders aid, performs a service, or assumes an obligation voluntarily. Here's another interesting definition: Intellectual dishonesty-An ethical blunder that stems from self-deception or a covert agenda, which is expressed through a misuse of various rhetorical devices. The unwary reader may be deceived as a result, but whether the intention to deceive the reader can be proved or not is immaterial. Hopefully these people will stop wasting good airtime and call Air America, where their intellectual dishonesty will never be questioned, but touted as the truth.

Luke Duke 4/22/2004 04:54:00 PM #

Score One For The Elder (and COTS)

I've seen very few people put Hugh Hewitt in his place, but The Elder does it nicely with his views on the distraction that is John Kerry's military records.

I couldn't agree with Elder more, there is much more we can be talking about in regard to John his latest flip-flop. Hugh is wasting his airtime by even talking about the issue. And what is with reading Maddox on air? Why give such a fringe voice any press?

**UPDATE**I just heard Hugh's response to The Elder on air and it was pathetic. Keep him on his toes Elder.

Luke Duke 4/22/2004 03:27:00 PM #

A couple days ago, Puzzlestud gave you a full account of the Punk Voter Tour's recent stop in Phoenix. Well, now tea State Press is reporting that some students are upset about the school spending $15,000 on tickets for students to get in free to such a partisan event.

Math and economics junior Dan Moody again criticized the Programming and Activities Board on Tuesday, this time for spending $15,000 on the Punk Voter Tour concert.

The concert was held at the Marquee Theatre on Friday.

"Their responsibilities are to organize campus events," Moody said. "That's a lot of money for a one-sided political event."

The Punk Voter Tour, also known as the "Rock Against Bush Tour," was originally scheduled to take place on campus, but the Student Recreation Complex revoked the board's permit on March 30. The PAB then purchased 600 tickets at $25 each so students could get in free.

PAB Vice President John Ronquillo defended the actions of the board, at the Undergraduate Student Government Senate meeting.

"Our intentions were [to get] NOFX and Alkaline Trio," Ronquillo said. "It's not like we sat behind closed doors and conspired to overthrow President Bush."

Mike Kosak, a public programs senator, said he applauded PAB for getting the concert, despite the circumstances.

"I believe what they did was in the spirit of the constitution," he said. "They had to have a spring event."

Christina Corieri, chairwoman of the College Republicans, said later that she thought student government as a whole is supposed to be nonpartisan.

"This is clearly a partisan event," Corieri said. "A large portion of student money was being funded for an anti-candidate event."

She added that the College Republicans did not approach the PAB to buy tickets for students to see conservative speaker Sean Hannity.

During the senate meeting, Ronquillo said he didn't think there would be much of a response to a conservative event. He added that similar speakers have been brought to ASU in the past and political events are common on campus.

Corieri disagreed.

"ASU signed up the most Bush supporters than anyone in the nation," she said.

Bringing speakers is one thing, but this was done under the guise of a concert, she said.

Luke Duke 4/22/2004 01:23:00 PM #

Wednesday, April 21, 2004


I hear lots of people complain about Muslim fundamentalism and the fact that some Muslims go against the tenants of their faith to commit atrocious acts of terrorism. For a long time, prominent Muslims have done little to publicly denounce these acts. Well M. Zuhdi Jasser is aiming to change that.

Jasser is a frequent contributor the's group blog Plugged In, and he is very often one of the only honest voices on the blog. I wish him luck.

Luke Duke 4/21/2004 05:36:00 PM #

Why am I not hearing more about this?

At least three senior United Nations officials are suspected of taking multimillion-dollar bribes from the Saddam Hussein regime, U.S. and European intelligence sources tell ABCNEWS.

Luke Duke 4/21/2004 04:33:00 PM #

You never know what you're going to find on John Kerry's blog. I just found the key to winning an election in 11 easy steps.

1. Tell America Bush was a cocaine adict.
2. Tell America Bush was a deserter.
3. Tell America Bush was a drunk.
4. Tell America Bush needs to be impeached for breach of the Constitution and abuse of power.
5. Tell America Bush is stupid.
6. Tell America Bush is a shameless, damn liar.
7. Tell America Bush is buddies with Bin Laden and the Saudis and that he arranged for the FBI to give free and safe passage for Bin Ladens relatives out of America after 9 - 11 which qualifies him as a traitor.
8. Tell America Bush has been a damn failure his whole damn life and never touched a thing that did not collapse under his ineptness.
9. Tell America Dub has been in Condi's knickers more than he's been in school.
10. Tell America Bush is psychoemotionally imbalanced.
11. Tell America the Bushes are more concerned about their Saudi and Kuwaiti oil buddies than they are about the lives of the American people.

My favorite is #7, as if Bin Laden wouldn't be happier with Kerry in office.

Drudge has linked to a story titled "Poland Mulls Iraq Exit Options." I really hope this doesn't happen. As a Pole, I've always been proud of Poland's place in the coalition. There is something inspiring about a new democracy helping to create another democracy. Poland has lived in freedom for such a short time and the people I have had contact with from Poland would like nothing more than to see that freedom spread throughout the world.

From reading the story, you at least get the feeling that no rash decisions will be made. I hope that is the case.

Luke Duke 4/21/2004 11:14:00 AM #

Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Randi Rhodes on Air America just revealed that most republicans are actually gay. She said, " If you think John Ashcroft isn't gay then your crazy. If you think Dick Cheney isn't gay then your crazy. Cheney has a gay daughter that he hides in the closet."

I've got to stop listening...I just might go insane.

Luke Duke 4/20/2004 03:44:00 PM #

I had to take an extra day off to recover from this weekend's activities, but I'm back now, and ready to give a full report.

On Friday I attended the Phoenix stop on the Punk Voter tour which promotes the CD compilation "Rock Against Bush". The concert featured such huge acts as NOFX, Alkaline Trio, and Authority Zero. I didn't pay to get in of course, I have a friend who gets free tickets to everything. To ensure that we would stand out in the crowd of dyed hair and ripped jeans, I wore my "Bush Cheney in '04" hat and an American Flag shirt. I only got a couple of drinks thrown at me, from the back of course...I guess the way to assure you won't be attacked by a liberal when wearing your support for the President is to wear it to the front--they'll never go at you head-on.

Surprisingly, my friend and I were the only ones wearing the Flag. However, there were plenty of these:

Halfway through the concert, Jello Biafra, lead singer of the Dead Kennedy's, came out and delivered a hate-filled "speech" against everything establishment. It included everything from "overthrow the government" to " overthrow the corporations" (even though they were selling Hanes shirts, they sold tickets for $25 through Tickestmaster, and surely the CD's they were selling weren't hand made in some mom and pop hemp store). My jaw was literally dropped during this speech, it just kept getting crazier and crazier. It was the one time during the show that I genuinely felt unsafe, like I would be trampled and have my body mutilated as the anarchist horde took to the streets seeking to overthrow everything that keeps this country going. I have a feeling if people really knew what went on at these concerts, parents would be a lot less lax in allowing their children to attend--of course then Jello Biafra would convince children to overthrow the autocratic tyranny your parents have imposed upon you.

The really scary part to me is that no matter how hard I look, all I can find of Jello Biafra on the net is run of the mill liberal rhetoric. Which would lead me to believe that the real lunacy only comes out in "safe" places, like a room full of a couple hundred drunk, moshing teenagers who think calling Bush a terrorist makes them politically active. If Biafra is ballsy enough to say these things behind closed door, then why doesn't he have the cojones to come out and say it in public? My guess is that it's because he knows that most teens won't question what he is saying, and the ones who would wouldn't be at the Punk Voter Tour. So he never has to back up what he says.

What has Jello Biafra done lately to "overthrow the government?" What about the corporations? This guy needs to put his money where his mouth is instead of pocketing the hefty fee he's getting paid to spew dangerous, ignorant hate.

Luke Duke 4/20/2004 11:23:00 AM #

Friday, April 16, 2004


The more I think about this terrorism stuff, the more one point becomes crystal clear. 9/11, Spain, all of it is Bush's fault. Not only did he know about 9/11, but he also helped to plan the train bombings in Spain. The U.S.S. Cole? Oh, let's just call that a "campaign hit."

What conclusive evidence do I have you ask? Simple. After my 3rd hit of acid something dawned on me. I jumped out of my beanbag chair so fast I almost lost my Birkinstocks. I turned off Art Bell and ran to the phone. Yep, my supposition was correct. If you spell "GEORGEW" backwards using the numbers on your phone and subtract the numbers that equal "AHITLER" you end up with the number "6-9-0-2-2-9-7". Add an "S" for Satan to the end of that and you have "6-9-0-2-2-9-7-7"which translates into "MY ABYSS" ("0"=space), obviously a reference to the current state of Iraq. Not enough hard proof for you? How about this--when you press the numbers "6-9-0-2-2-9-7-7" it plays The Horst Wessel Song (Nazi anthem).

Some how the media hasn't picked up on this, probably because they are a tool of the religious zealots that make up the right-wing attack machine that has reached it's tentacles into virtually every aspect of our existence, leaving free-speech as it's victim on the way.

By the way, I don't mean to degrade Hitler in anyway with the irrefutable evidence I have provided above. After all, he was just doing Prescott Bush's bidding(just as Saddam was doing Ronald Reagan's[you know we gave him 2% of his weapons to fight Iran don't you?{DON'T YOU?!?!?!(2%!!!!!!)}]).

Luke Duke 4/16/2004 06:10:00 PM #

Has Air America had any conservative guests yet?

Luke Duke 4/16/2004 04:34:00 PM #

Thursday, April 15, 2004


Air America has been ordered back on the air in Chicago.

"Air America Radio expects to be back on the air in Chicago starting tomorrow. Next stop, Los Angeles.

The New York State Supreme Court agreed with Air America Radio and granted our restraining order against MultiCultural Broadcasting, forcing them to put us back on the air on WNTD AM 950 in Chicago, just 24 hours after we filed the motion.

Arthur Liu received a clear message today: temper tantrums are not the way to conduct business.

This coming from the people who said they were going to slam Arthur Liu's head in a car door, then later removed the statement.

Instead of continuing to discuss the business dispute he had with Air America Radio, he took his rage out on Air America's listeners in Chicago and Los Angeles. This was disgraceful and unprofessional.

Air America will now turn its focus to Los Angeles, seeking legal remedies and exploring other broadcast options with a partner who is more responsible and mature."

Well, good luck Air America. It's nice to see that despite a PR disaster where you had to spin the truth to save face, you have succeeded in retaining your spot on the radio and can now resume spinning the truth in a futile attempt to save your party.

Luke Duke 4/15/2004 05:02:00 PM #

The (Hot)Air Up There

I need to set a few things straight regarding the Air America flap. As I have said before I have been in major market radio for a couple years and have a pretty good grasp on how things work. So let's get to it.

In a very immature display of humorless parody and uncreative name-calling, Air America seeked to squelch rumors about their ouster in the Chicago and L.A. Markets. They even went so far as to say it won't hurt them because they picked up Portland, Riverside and Plattsburgh. This is a statement as false as false statements can get.

So now everyone's saying we're going down the dumper in Chicago and Los Angeles, but what they don't tell you is that we're still on in Portland. And we OWN Portland. And let's not forget Riverside and Plattsburgh. And New
York. And streaming on the internet. And XM. And Sirius. Actually we're fine.

**update** Story has been removed and replaced with "We're sorry, you've arrived at this page unexpectedly. Please to return to the home page."**

First off Plattsburgh isn't even listed as it's own city by Arbitron, the industry standard as far as ratings go, and although ratings only count the 12+ population the only number I have to work with is the entire population of Plattsburgh, 21,255. Arbitron reports Portland's 12+ population as 1,905,700. Riverside-San Bernadino is reported to have a 12+ population of 1,571,100. My abacus calculates that as 3,498,055(go ahead, check my math) potential listeners between Plattsburgh, Portland, and Riverside-San Bernadino.

Compare that to the 7,612,100 million 12+ population in Chicago and the 10,609,200 12+ population in Los Angeles, 18,221,300 total, and that makes a differenceerance of 14,723,245 people who will never even have a chance to hear Air America's airwaves.

If they don't think that it's a potential problem for their network, that's fine. But surely they can understand why some people would see this as a minor predicament. Surely to any radio network that is not brokered and actually had to perform to meet standards this would be a setback, but as they say over at Air America:

...if we ever get low on cash, we can always call Barbra Streisand. Or any of the
Baldwins. Except Stephen.

Luke Duke 4/15/2004 01:32:00 PM #

I just received in my e-mail inbox and invitation to a "bookstore event." I am very tempted to don my Bush/Cheney in '04 hat, rally all the Arizona Bloggers, and show up in full Bush supporting force.

Only problem is I deleted the e-mail and all I know is that the even t is at Changing Hands Bookstore on McClintock and Guadalupe in Tempe. If anyone has any information, let me know.

Luke Duke 4/15/2004 11:24:00 AM #

There is a real problem with our justice system when something like this can happen.

In the spring of 1996, Blue Kartak was a baby-faced 16-year-old runaway in Seattle when he met a friendly man at a coffeehouse who promised to take him to Disneyland.

The man turned out to be a serial child molester who drugged and raped Kartak in a motel room in California.

His attacker, Edward Harvey Stokes, was convicted and given a life sentence for the crime. But last week, Stokes -- who's said he has attacked more than 200 victims -- walked out of a California jail as a free man and moved back to Washington state. The reason: A state appeals court ruled he never had a chance to confront his accuser -- Kartak -- who committed suicide before Stokes' trial.

How is it that a guy can admit to attacking more that 200 victims and be set free for not confronting on of them? From listening to the Michael Medved show and reading the Post-Intelligencer you get the idea that Seattle is on the cutting edge of nonsensical sentences(I will refrain from using the pun "Seattle as a whole is Post-Intelligence"...Get it? Post-Intelligent--Post Intelligencer...Nevermind). From the INS being defeated in it's attempt to deport Somalian immigrants convicted of felonies, to an admitted serial rapist, Seattle's courtrooms sound like they are the main event in the legal system circus taking place all over the country. Watch out folks, sideshows are coming to a city near you.

Luke Duke 4/15/2004 11:10:00 AM #

Wednesday, April 14, 2004


COTS Unite!

Fraters takes another important step in defeating the lying tyrant that is Hugh Hewitt. I was also pleased to hear the Elder behind enemy lines broadcasting live in Hugh's slot along with the rest of the Northern Alliance Radio Network.

Luke Duke 4/14/2004 06:02:00 PM #

Alive in '05

Author Mike Whicker's daughter, Savannah, is currently serving in Baghdad, working in military intelligence. She recently posted this update on Mike's message board:

I just wanted to update everyone on how things over here have been going. I know I don't get to talk to many of you, and I may not even know some of you, but everyone over here appreciates all of the support from you back in the states. Everyone is still in pretty high spirits despite the recent attacks over here in Baghdad. Everyday we lose another comrade, but still we manage to keep our heads in the game. We have adopted the motto "Return alive, in zero-five". Thats what we all want to do in a little less than a year. Once again thank you for everything, and we will continue to fight until we have won....

PFC Whicker
US Army

Luke Duke 4/14/2004 05:37:00 PM #

A Small Victory shows what you don't see on TV.

Luke Duke 4/14/2004 05:15:00 PM #

Jesus Goes Gold

The Associated Press is reporting that the soundtrack to Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" has been certified gold by the RIAA.

...Nielsen SoundScan reported that through the week ending April 4, the soundtrack had been the best-selling Christian music album for six consecutive weeks on Billboard's contemporary Christian chart.

What's next? A video on TRL?

Luke Duke 4/14/2004 04:43:00 PM #

As always, Puzzlestud is here to help you in your search for worth while literature. Today's book review is:

This particular is the seventh in a series surrounding fictional character Jack Reacher, but it is the first Lee Child book I have read. The summary from Child's site describes Jack Reacher as "The ultimate loner. An elite ex-military cop who left the service years ago, he's moved from place to place ... without family ... without possessions ... without commitments. And without fear. Which is good, because trouble - big, violent, complicated trouble - finds Reacher wherever he goes. And when trouble finds him, Reacher does not quit, not once, not ever. But some unfinished business has now found Reacher. And Reacher is a man who hates unfinished business. Ten years ago, a key investigation went sour and Francis Xavier Quinn got away with murder. Now a chance encounter outside Boston's Symphony Hall brings it all back. Now Reacher sees his one last shot. Some would call it vengeance. Some would call it redemption. Reacher would call it justice."

This book is an exciting read, playing out like a Playstation game--infiltrate premises, find guns, stash guns to pass through metal detector, kill inept guards, fight the big boss, take your revenge. It's not at all believable, which can be a plus sometimes when it comes to fast-paced thrillers. The Persuader, named after a shotgun that makes a brief cameo in the book, has just about everything a man could want in a novel--sex, guns, violence, a federal agent doped-up on roofies, roid ragin' security guards, and a former military officer out for revenge.

I would recommend this book only to fans of Lethal Weapon and Die Hard movies. If you believe a novel should teach you something, skip this one. If you think The Rock is the great action star, it may be a little above your intelligence. Everyone else should enjoy this book.

Luke Duke 4/14/2004 03:45:00 PM #

Sex, High School and Videotape

My mom called me today to tell me there were news vans surrounding my old high school. She wanted to know why. Here's the answer:

A 15-year-old Litchfield Park boy is being investigating for alleged surreptitiously videotaping teenage girls.
The Maricopa County sheriff's office is looking into allegations the Millennium High School student had secretly videotaped at least two girls while they were changing their clothes. He also allegedly taped another girl without her knowledge while having sex with her.

Sheriff's investigators are trying to determine if others were involved, and whether there might be additional alleged victims.

I'd believe it. This school is filled with degenerates(one less since I left).

Luke Duke 4/14/2004 02:56:00 PM #

Well, liberals are up to there old tricks again. If you don't get your way, sue. They did it in the 2000 election, they do it on the local level everyday with objections to ten commandment displays and religiosity in schools, and now they are doing it to keep there radio show on the air despite the fact that they aren't paying bills.

Franken wanted to take on Rush, 5 stations vs. 600. Now, 3 stations vs. 600. This isn't looking to good...

Luke Duke 4/14/2004 12:32:00 PM #

Tuesday, April 13, 2004


Do editorials get much more irresponsible than this?

Benson is an idiot

This is the danger with editorial cartoons--no explanation involved. Benson is not required, nor do I think he could, present a valid argument that Bush deserves responsibility for 9/11.

Did you see the paper this morning? Turns out that President Bush is responsible for 9/11. Nope there's no proof, but Benson's cartoon says he's responsible. It's clear as day. He's a journalist, why would he lie?

Someone could just as easily have put Bill Clinton in place of President Bush, but why? Why do we need to place the blame on any one person other that Osama Bin Laden? The blame game has got to stop. It is counter-productive and sets a dangerous precedent for blaming Islamic terrorism on American officials--OBL is probably laughing in a cave somewhere knowing that months after a candidate for president of the freest country in the world asked, "What kind of muddled thinking is it if you can't instantly say that in your heart you know that bin Laden is guilty?", we have what basically consists of a trial meant to place the blame on an American administration. It seems Bin Laden has committed the perfect crime--kill thousands of infidels, let them fight over who fault it was that he killed them. It's like having a serial killer on the loose, but the authorities just want to argue over who enabled the killing.

Well, you had information that serial killers exist.

Well, you had it first.

Well, I gave it to you.

Well if you had it to give than why didn't you use it?'s your fault infinity.'s your fault infinity + 1 no fault backs.

...I took my fault immunization already. YOUR FAULT!!!

Luke Duke 4/13/2004 04:08:00 PM #

Burning Bush Bashers

What do ASU students think of the traveling effigy of President Bush(pictured above) created by Ben Cohen(Ben & Jerry's fame)?

Jesse Kern, an anthropology junior, who brought the float to ASU: "The point is to get a reaction from people and get them thinking about issues of accountability and truth, what we expect and what we expect our leaders to tell us."

Jordan Smith, a psychology junior and director of community service for the Students for Bush at ASU: "I didn't stick around to get a look and give them the pleasure of the attention," Smith said. "There are plenty of wackos around, it doesn't matter what they're supporting."

Chris Kark, a political science sophomore labeled it "Bush bashing" saying: "I didn't necessarily agree with it. It wasn't completely untrue, but it was oversimplified."

Some of these students really seem to get it. Politics is not black and white, it's not as easy as saying "Bush lied." If it is easy for you to say that, then either you are naive and don't really understand, or you aren't quite mature enough to grasp complex political situations.

I would boycott Ben & Jerry's, but I don't eat ice cream. I would stop buying it for my girlfriend, but that could lead to some boycotts of her own.

Luke Duke 4/13/2004 03:19:00 PM #

It's nice to see a little grassroots fighting against a large, liberal newspaper. Arizona Republic, shape up or your days are numbered(in my house at least).

Luke Duke 4/13/2004 02:39:00 PM #

Just a friendly reminder to listen to the Hugh Hewitt show tonight to hear your favorite radio show and mine(despite the fact I've never heard them) the Northern Alliance Radio Network. In the Phoenix area the show is available on 960 the Patriot and in Minneapolis/St. Paul on am 1280 the Patriot. For a complete listing of stations carrying Hugh Hewitt go here.

Luke Duke 4/13/2004 11:40:00 AM #

I know the St. Peters Democratic Club's ad has already been around the internet and back, but I just had to share my opinion on it.

The crazier the democrats get, the better it is for Bush. That being said, I think it's sad that the Democratic party is moving farther and farther away from the center of the political spectrum. The further they go, the more obsolete they will become. And although I am no fan of most Democratic leaders today, I believe deeply in the two party system and do not want to see it fall apart.

The St. Peters Democratic Club is not the problem, it is a symptom of the disease that is running rampant in the Democratic party.

Luke Duke 4/13/2004 10:59:00 AM #

Monday, April 12, 2004


Freudian slip of the day

I received an e-mail from titled "Bake Back the White House!."

Do they want to get rid of Bush, or is this an invitation to a clam bake? Either way I'm bringing a hackey-sack.

Luke Duke 4/12/2004 06:08:00 PM #

I just learned form Mark Larson(filling in for Hugh Hewitt) that Sony has bought the movie rights to Richard Clarke's bestselling Bush-basher "Against All Enemies." Generalissimo asked a very interesting question. Who will play Richard Clarke? My suggestion:

David Paymer playing old Stan Young in "Mr. Saturday Night"

Who should play President Bush and Condi Rice?

Luke Duke 4/12/2004 04:30:00 PM #

This Just In, Rooney is Nuts

In a shocking development, we here at Puzzlestud can reveal that "humorist" and commentator extraordinaire is completely and utterly insane. Bonkers. Ape-sh**. Screwy. Wacko. Cracked. Deranged. Kooky. Loony. Mental. Batty. Cuckoo. Senile. Mad. NUTS! (and let's not forget--just plain old)

The proof, obtained by Puzzlestud from an anonymous source can now be revealed:

Treating soldiers fighting their war as brave heroes is an old civilian trick designed to keep the soldiers at it. But you can be sure our soldiers in Iraq are not all brave heroes gladly risking their lives for us sitting comfortably back here at home.

That's right folks. Rooney believes they are "not all brave heroes gladly risking their lives for us sitting comfortably back here at home". Yet, they are in Iraq fighting and he is sitting comfortably at home--so what is it that make them un-heroic?

Our soldiers in Iraq are people, young men and women, and they behave like people, sometimes good and sometimes bad, sometimes brave, sometimes fearful. It's disingenuous of the rest of us to encourage them to fight this war by idolizing them.

Yes. Soldiers do get scared sometimes, but being afraid and being a hero aren't mutually exclusive circumstances. What makes them heroic is the fact that despite their fears, despite their opposition at home, despite the fact that they could die fighting to save Andy Rooney from enemies he refuses to believe exist they still fight. They still get the job done. It's been said that there are no atheists in fox holes, I would contend that there are no cowards in fox holes either(now spider holes--that's entirely different).

We pin medals on their chests to keep them going. We speak of them as if they volunteered to risk their lives to save ours but there isn't much voluntary about what most of them have done.

If the reason "we pin medals on their chests to keep them going," then why do we give purple hearts to many who will never see another day of battle? Why do we give medals deserved by fallen soldiers to their loved ones? We don't give medals out like shiny metal dog treats meant to coerce half-wits into doing America's bidding--we give them out to honor their heroism.

...yep. He's nuts.

Luke Duke 4/12/2004 02:24:00 PM #

Paul Greenberg has an interesting article at Townhall.

Luke Duke 4/12/2004 10:45:00 AM #

Friday, April 09, 2004


I there anything this man can't do?

A swimmer off the coast of Maui probably is alive because of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"Access Hollywood" says the California governor was in the water swimming towards his wife Maria Shriver when he passed by a man who was having trouble swimming and breathing.

Schwarzenegger asked if he was OK and the guy said "no."

So, Schwarzenegger grabbed a boogie board. And, here's where all that weight training helped - while he was treading 20-foot deep water, he picked the man up, put him on the board and swam with him to shore.

"Access Hollywood" says Schwarzenegger sat with the man for a while on the beach. Before he left, he told the man to "sit here for another 30 minutes."

Luke Duke 4/09/2004 02:38:00 PM #

Just when I get done praising the Republic, I make the mistake of looking at Benson's petty, childish cartoon.

I'd like to say I wont sink to his level, but here take a look at this.

Benson is the tool on the right.

If you are wondering why he's speaking at an American Atheist event check out his story, as he tells it, and as it's told by another. And while we're making fun of appearances, go here and look at the rest of the people that make atheism the sexy trend that it is.

Benson is one of the rare people on the left whose closed-mindedness actually makes me sick.

Luke Duke 4/09/2004 01:36:00 PM #

Stop the Presses!

Unlike the Strib's treatment of Condolezza Rice's testimony in front of the 9/11 commission yesterday, The Arizona Republic' editorial on the issue left me with my jaw dropped for a GOOD reason. I'll give you the gist, but you really need to read the whole thing.

As anticipated, it was competent, informed and pointed without delving far into either confrontation or melodrama.

On the matter that gave Rice's testimony its most immediate drama, her anticipated response to accusations from her former subordinate, Richard A. Clarke, that the Bush administration was insufficiently focused on terrorism as an immediate threat to the nation, the two seemed oddly in sync.

"The terrorists were at war with us, but we were not yet at war with them," she said.

But was the Bush administration demonstrably less at war with terrorism than previous administrations? That was essentially the bottom-line contention made by Clarke.

By way of an answer, Condoleezza Rice addressed an issue that for some reason seems to have received little notice in the debate over the depth of Bush's attention to al-Qaida and terrorism: the continuity of core intelligence leadership from the Clinton era. George Tenet was retained at the CIA; Louis Freeh was kept over at the FBI. And, of course, Rice herself retained Clinton's counterterrorism expert, Clarke.

Further, as Rice noted, Bush was briefed daily by Tenet regarding terrorism, a practice his predecessor did not deem necessary.

What? They actually printed what Rice said. No contortion of common sense to wrap her words around different idealogy. I though Rice's testimony was a confession? Surely the Republic must be wrong.

It gets better:

Before the 9/11 commission began its regrettable descent into facile and superficial conjecture about intentions, impressions and assumed priorities - which is to say, before Clarke's book publication and his own testimony - the panel interviewed numerous officials who spoke to the same points that Rice seemed to emphasize on Thursday.

High among those were structural defects in the delivery of intelligence information.

By rule, CIA spies working overseas and FBI intelligence agents working domestically could not share what they knew with FBI agents tracking the criminal activities of would-be terrorists in the United States. This was known as "The Wall," which CIA director Tenet and others decried.

So did Rice.

"In hindsight, if anything might have helped stop 9/11, it would have been better information about threats inside the United States, something made difficult by structural and legal impediments that prevented the collection and sharing of information by our law enforcement and intelligence agencies," she said.

Obviously, Rice said nothing to specifically indict the Bush administration for being asleep at the switch on Sept. 11, 2001.

But neither did the administration's most severe critic, Clarke, who acknowledged unequivocally that even if all of the advice he proffered had been taken, nothing would have prevented the wretched acts of terrorism that day.

Rice projected to the nation a long-overdue impression of competence in Bush administration security matters. Why the president fought having Rice testify publicly and under oath is a mystery.

I am going to hand write a letter to the Republic. I am going to call them. I am going to e-mail them. Responsible journalism and editorials boards that balance viewpoints need to be rewarded. The Republic has done a good job of this on their blog, but it would be nice to see more of it in their paper. If we are going to bitch about a liberal bias in the newspaper then we have to applaud them when they get it right.

Luke Duke 4/09/2004 01:19:00 PM #

My sentiments exactly.

Let's move on folks.

Luke Duke 4/09/2004 12:39:00 PM #

Thursday, April 08, 2004


I've listened to an awful lot of radio commentary on Rice's testimony today and a lot of it was awful. I'd have to say that despite his destruction of our environment through reckless snowmobile driving, Hugh is one of the best commentators out there, and he didn't disappoint today(Medved gets honorable mention).

Although I'm sure Generalisimo did most of the work, and Hewitt used it as an excuse to kick his feet up on the console, he aired the best clips and dissected them with laser precision.

Well done Hugh. You may have a shot at this radio thing after all.

Luke Duke 4/08/2004 05:21:00 PM #

This is hilarious. I was not familiar with Katherine Lanpher before her venture into "national" radio, so thank you Fraters for introducing me.

Luke Duke 4/08/2004 12:11:00 PM #

Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Drudge has linked a very interesting documentation of John Kerry's penchant for courting well-heeled women. I strongly suggest your read it. The article provides a very clear look into John Kerry's character.

John Forbes Kerry and Julia Stimson Thorne

Luke Duke 4/07/2004 03:33:00 PM #

Let the Sideshow Begin

If Rami Salami is voting for him, you should run like hell as fast as you can away from anything having to do with John Kerry.

Luke Duke 4/07/2004 12:48:00 PM #

Columnist Marcus Gee weighs in on the trouble in Iraq with an interesting point of view.

Washington's critics say that it is in trouble in Iraq because it is acting too much like an empire. In fact, it is in trouble because it is not acting enough like one.

Consider the events of the past few days. Muqtada al-Sadr and his black-clad Shia followers rebelled against U.S. rule not because they believe it is oppressive -- it isn't -- but because they believe it is weak. The fanatical cleric suspects that if he makes things really ugly for the Americans, they will run home, leaving the country to fall into his hands like a ripe fig.

I have to say that I agree. It's not an opinion that I came up with on my own, but it sure sounds right. The only thing these people understand is force--we are not exerting enough.

Washington went into Iraq shockingly ill-prepared for the task of rebuilding and transforming a country. The Bush administration seemed to think that if it simply overthrew Saddam Hussein, Iraq would rise almost spontaneously from the ashes with a little U.S. help and encouragement. Thus the failure to provide sufficient troops to prevent or stop the postwar looting. Thus the back-of-a-napkin postwar planning and the wasteful feuds between the Pentagon and the State Department.

None of this makes the Americans bad people. Because they believe in democracy, they want to hand over power as quickly as possible to Iraqis. Because they don't see themselves as an empire, they want to rule with the lightest possible hand.

I don't know if this is true of not, but it's an interesting criticism nonetheless. It's true that American's want to rule with the lightest hand possible--I'd go as far as to say we don't want to rule at all, but I think Bush did know what he was getting us into and would do it again if he had to. Hind-sight is twenty-twenty and there are definitely some things that could have been done differently, but this has still been a successful war and despite tragic events over the past couple days it is still a successful occupation.

Read the article, because whether you agree or not it will make you think.

Luke Duke 4/07/2004 11:53:00 AM #

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Deserve Victory!

Luke Duke 4/06/2004 06:07:00 PM #

My girlfriend was recently assigned a persuasive paper in which she is supposed to convince the class of her views on sex education. Another student was given the opposing view to write about and they will both give their papers as speeches in class. This made me really think about my views on sex ed., and I think it's a view most conservatives will not like. Keep in mind, it's only been a couple years since I was in high-school and I think I have a pretty good vantage point on this issue.

There are two major opinions regarding sex education, the first being that abstinence only teaching will remedy the spread of STD's and the high numbers of teen pregnancy, and then there is the other side that believes teaching young people responsible contraceptive practices has a better chance at rectifying our current situation. While the debate rages on America's youth hang in the balance--having sex.

Abstinence only sex education may have worked in a different social climate, but the horse is out of the barn. With sexual imagery so pervasive, from the TV to the grocery store check-out line, it is near--if not completely--impossible to stop young people from having sex. Pitting several hours over an extended period of time of abstinence education from a teacher, versus the media impressions received throughout the rest of the day by the student, abstinence stands no chance.

It's true, abstinence stops pregnancy 100% of the time, but only if used 100% of the time. If a student decides to have sex, but has no knowledge of how to use a condom, or even an understanding of what intercourse actually is, then sex education has failed--it has failed the student and failed society. However, if a student understands what their body is going through when sexual urges occur, and the proper practices in ensuring that the safest sex possible is achieved, then sex education has lived up to it's name.

The facts: According to the Centers for Disease Control and the Kaiser Family Foundation, approximately 65 percent of all sexually transmitted infections contracted by Americans this year will occur in people under 24. One in four new HIV infections occurs in people younger than 22. Although proper use of condoms wouldn't have prevented all of these infections, they would have drastically cut these numbers. Do most people understand that the only 100% safe sex is no sex--yes. Has that stopped them from having sex--no.

So the choices are simple. Let students learn about sex from the media, or teach them the truth about sex--the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have enough faith in America's youth to believe that if they are given the facts and the knowledge, they will make the best choice.

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I just completed reading all of Dan Brown's books, the one I just finished being Deception Point. He's an entertaining author, but a little predictable. He follows a formula that consists of an intellectual character being tossed into a string of a seemingly impossible quandaries, but they are always able to over come at the eleventh-hour. I know it sounds like every other book out on the market, but Brown's research and attention to detail set's his novels apart.

My only problem is that now I am out of Dan Brown books and need to find a new author. See, once I find an author I like I read all of their books because I am afraid of buying a bad book, so I try to stay with the tried and true. I'm not a big fan of Clancy, and Grisham is a little boring for me, I've read both of Mike Whicker's books, so does anyone have a suggestion?

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"About 25 percent of Palestinians are Christian, yet if there are any Palestinian Christian suicide bombers, I am unaware of them. Now why is that?"

-Dennis Prager (hat tip to Plugged-In)

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John Kerry speaking to reporters Monday:

"I'm not a church spokesman. I'm a legislator running for president. My oath is to uphold the Constitution of the United States in my public life. My oath privately between me and God was defined in the Catholic church by Pius XXIII and Pope Paul VI in the Vatican II, which allows for freedom of conscience for Catholics with respect to these choices, and that is exactly where I am. And it is separate. Our constitution separates church and state, and they should be reminded of that."

Mr. Kerry apparently meant John XXIII, as there is no Pius XXIII.

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Monday, April 05, 2004


It's time for America to set the world straight again. Go to and vote for Bush.

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Friday, April 02, 2004


What Ego?

An excerpt from a letter written by Al Franken (via

Here's the deal. My job is rhetorical jiu-jitsu: I take the words of right-wing jerks, and I use those words to heap scorn and ridicule upon them. It's what I do. And I need your help. These guys say so many stupid and dishonest things every day that no one man possibly can sift through all of them. I need you to be my eyes and ears, so that no right-wing ideologue can ever again safely traffic in distortion and calumny.

"Rhetorical jiu-jitsu"? I must be listening to a different Al Franken.

The Al Franken I listened to did a exrutiatingly un-funny impression of a BBC reporter several times this morning, and as with other bits, it was obviously planned.

"Rhetorical jiu-jitsu" I have yet to hear...unless that is the plan. Maybe he's sneaking up on us ninja-like. Once he's driven away the curiosity-listeners, and alienated everybody else, he's going to pounce on us with some "rhetorical jiu-jitsu"--man, we'll never see it coming.

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Thursday, April 01, 2004


Saint Paul hits the nail on the head with two posts on why Air America(Franken specifically) is an abomination and a disgrace to radio.

Luke Duke 4/01/2004 02:53:00 PM #

I've had a hard time finding a blog that talks about Arizona issues. Hopefully the discovery of Zonitics(for the radio station?) will help in this area.

Luke Duke 4/01/2004 10:42:00 AM #
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