Wednesday, November 26, 2003


Police Beat: Getting punchy after preaching from Quran:

Tempe police reported the following incidents on Monday:

A 26-year-old Scottsdale man was arrested near the 100 block of East Fifth Street on charges of driving on a suspended license and failure to remain at the scene of an injury accident.

A 29-year-old Phoenix man was arrested near the 20 block of East University Drive on charges of trespassing after he reportedly was found on the roof of an abandoned building.

A 43-year-old transient man was arrested near the 2100 block of South Price Road on charges of urban camping after officers reportedly found him sleeping on a pile of blankets.

A 45-year-old transient man was arrested near the 700 block of West Baseline Road on charges of shoplifting after he reportedly concealed a bottle of vodka in his pants and left the store without paying.

A 35-year-old Tempe woman was arrested near the 2300 block of East McArthur Drive on charges of assault and domestic violence after she reportedly punched her mother in the shoulder. The woman reportedly had not been taking her anti-psychotic medication, used to treat bipolar disorder, and was seen earlier in the street preaching from the Quran.

These cases following a march through Tempe for "transient rights". I hope more cities follow suit and declare camping illegal in residential and industrial areas. We need less people making excuses for vagrants, and more people holding them acountable. Not only is it irresponsible to look the other way as crimes are commited by homeless people, it's cruel to everyone involved.

Luke Duke 11/26/2003 11:35:00 AM #

Bush gets rousing Phoenix welcome: "President Bush, beaming over his Medicare-reform victory and evidence of a surging economy, brought his 2004 re-election campaign to Phoenix on Tuesday and collected a record-shattering $1.8 million for his already brimming campaign treasury."-Arizona Republic

Makes me proud to live in Arizona.

Luke Duke 11/26/2003 11:18:00 AM #

Tuesday, November 25, 2003


While daddy was too busy in Iowa to campaign in Arizona, Chrissy Gephardt visited ASU last week in a move that will most likely cost her daddy more votes than people who showed up to hear her speak.

The State Press ran a pretty mild story on the visit, and a more harsh comic strip (don't hold the first strip against him, he's only a kid) which probably more accurately shows how attendees feel about Ms. Gephardt.

Luke Duke 11/25/2003 05:06:00 PM #

It's old news, but news nonetheless. During President Bush's visit to England, The Guardian invited many people to write open letters to Bush. This particular one is my favorite for obvious reasons.

Dear Mr President,

Today you arrive in my country for the first state visit by an American president for many decades, and I bid you welcome.

You will find yourself assailed on every hand by some pretty pretentious characters collectively known as the British left. They traditionally believe they have a monopoly on morality and that your recent actions preclude you from the club. You opposed and destroyed the world's most blood-encrusted dictator. This is quite unforgivable.

I beg you to take no notice. The British left intermittently erupts like a pustule upon the buttock of a rather good country. Seventy years ago it opposed mobilisation against Adolf Hitler and worshipped the other genocide, Josef Stalin.

It has marched for Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Khrushchev, Brezhnev and Andropov. It has slobbered over Ceausescu and Mugabe. It has demonstrated against everything and everyone American for a century. Broadly speaking, it hates your country first, mine second.

Eleven years ago something dreadful happened. Maggie was ousted, Ronald retired, the Berlin wall fell and Gorby abolished communism. All the left's idols fell and its demons retired. For a decade there was nothing really to hate. But thank the Lord for his limitless mercy. Now they can applaud Saddam, Bin Laden, Kim Jong-Il... and hate a God-fearing Texan. So hallelujah and have a good time.

Frederick Forsyth

Luke Duke 11/25/2003 03:17:00 PM #

Monday, November 24, 2003


This particular update has nothing to do with a specific news story, and it's not meant to be against any facet of the political spectrum, they all have their wackos. It's more like advice for people who want to be taken seriously and not debase their cause. This goes for more than politics, it can be used when you are engaging in any form of discourse, on any topic.

Recently, statements I made about Michael Moore's anti-Americanism and cowardice sparked an emotional mini-debate about gun control(not my original intention). If I was a proponent of harsher restrictions on gun ownership I would be pissed at Mr. Moore for bastardizing my whole agenda. I don't see how any rational person can see him as an ally on any front. Whenever someone fabricates stories and sensationalizes facts to make a point, even if its a good point worth making, the whole movement suffers and the point becomes invalid in the minds of the people who have been lied to. Michael Moore is to gun control what NOW is to equal rights, what Jesse Jackson is to Civil rights, what Kucinich is for world peace, what Jerry Falwell is for the religious rights, what Rosie O'Donnell is for gay rights, and what Charleton Heston is for gun owners' rights.

All of the terms that were once close to Americans' hearts(feminism, civil rights, equality, etc.) have been raped by radicals. Now when someone says their a feminist, my first reaction is a roll of the eyes and a sigh. It's not that I'm some chauvinist who wants to hold women down, actually I'm quite the opposite, but in recent years feminism has transformed from meaning equality in the work place and equal opportunities in all aspects of life, to hatred for middle-class values and guilt placed on those women who choose to be a stay at home mom. If a women likes to cook, wants to raise children without the aid of nine hours of day-care a day, she is considered an "Aunt Tom", a sell-out to the testosterone induced slavery of the opposition.

Your cause is only as good as those you keep as spokespeople. Whatever your stance is on the issues, surely we can all agree that comparing leaders to Hitler, protesting bare-assed, making misleading and outright dishonest documentaries, and holding vitriolic rallies against your opposition will never work as well as showing respect for your opponents, getting involved in discourse that can actually affect an issue, and being clear on what problems are, maybe even throwing in a couple of realistic solutions.

Why travel the globe to bitch about things when you can get a blog for free and do it on the good ol' internet. Just remember that there is a real world out there as well.

Luke Duke 11/24/2003 01:35:00 PM #

Friday, November 21, 2003


Lileks describes exactly how I, and I'm sure countless others, have been feeling about the media lately. I haven't seen much coverage of the pres' "three pillars" speech, but I got plenty of MJ's jet on the tar-mac. It's times like these I catch myself feeling ashamed to be an American, then I see stock footage of thousand-plus Europeans and Asians chasing a before his time SARS-masked Michael Jackson and suddenly it feels great to live in the best nation on Earth.

Luke Duke 11/21/2003 11:25:00 AM #

Tuesday, November 18, 2003


Someone needs to tell Michael Moore that obesity kills more people that guns do. I don't see how someone can go to GERMANY! and talk to sell-out crowds about how evil America is. Germany is the most evil country in recent history, they owe America for all of they're freedom and affluence. As much as the French government annoys me, I trust them ten times more than I do Germans. Name one good thing that has come from Germany in the last century. Oh, they're cultured and more schooled in the arts you say? Explain David Hasselhoff. Michael Moore is a Fat. Stupid. White. Man? He's just Rosie O'Donnell with more estrogen.

Germany, just remember what happened the last time you listened to a funny looking foreigner.

Luke Duke 11/18/2003 03:21:00 PM #

With Rush Limbaugh back on air, the subject of his drug abuse is back in the news. His drug use is not a political issue, why is it made out to be one? Nobody has ever said that conservatives don't have addictions or that we shouldn't be punished for our crimes. Why does Rush's drug use invalidate his opinions? Far left thinking is: Addicts deserve respect unless they're republicans, respect opinions but only if they're to the left of the average persons', and do not tolerate those who do not tolerate evils and then preach toleration.

I'm far from a "dittohead", but none-the-less, I don't wish drug addiction on anyone and I hope Rush has a successful recovery. I would feel sorry for him, but I know he wouldn't want that, and in the end he'll have the last laugh.

Luke Duke 11/18/2003 01:38:00 PM #

Monday, November 10, 2003


A Giant Step Backward

With Joe Arpaio adopting a new policy of not getting involved in high-speed chases in non-violent crimes, I have a message for criminals; DRIVE FAST AND YOU'LL GET AWAY! And a message to Joe Arpaio; Fleeing the police is a violent crime.

Luke Duke 11/10/2003 03:03:00 PM #

Thursday, November 06, 2003


In-between playing Playstation and strip-club visits I've found some time to read a pretty decent book. The Dante Club by Matthew Pearle revolves around a cast of intellectuals at Harvard who have made it their life's goal to compile accurate translations of Dante's work. The fun part comes in when murders, based down to the most intricate detail and attention to symbolism on Dante's vision of hell, begin to take place around their Boston community. I don't recommend reading this before you go to sleep unless you want to lay in bed scared shitless, afraid to go to bed because you know the nightmares are waiting for you.

Luke Duke 11/06/2003 11:04:00 AM #
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